Monumenta 2016 – Empires


The biggest challenge for every artist invited to Monumenta is how to “fit” his/her idea to the huge space of Grand Palais. From this view point, making an installation in the Grand Nef is a game play where the winner is public visitor. The one who discovers new objects, new forms, new colours… They are submerged by out of scale spaces. They are immersed in a physical and virtual exchange between the Artist and the Building. While playing the role of Creator, the Artist steps aside as a spectactor after his/her installation completed to observe the public recreate his/her concept by individual interpretation. In the 7th Monumenta event, Huang Yong Ping did not stay away but laying down right to the center of space and plays with the public. His success comes from the direct and simple messages as Napoleon Hat, by using popular things as commercial containers, port crane and by mixing ordinary life with myths as the dinosaur like snake. At this point, there is a dotted line. I just cannot follow the explained idea of continuous movement of changes disguised in the snake trying to bite its own tail. But Huang Yong Ping makes the public amazed by a game of movements. The first one is the winding snake – logically by it nature; the second one are the containers – naturally by their purpose. While the containers easily help Huang Yong Ping to fill the huge space of the Grand Nef, at this scale each container looks like a Kapla’s wood piece, the snake helps him to escape his own installation and create a perspective point of view. We all know that the snake is the favorite form of Huang Yong Ping in his installations but in this 7th Monumenta its skeleton matchs marvellously with the green steel frames of the Grand Nef. I will come back to “Empires” and enjoy the free way of interpreting this installation. For this reason, I don’t even try to explain to you what the Empires are in Huang Yong Ping’s creation.

May 9, 2016 ©