Champeaux Restaurant – Le Canopé Les Halles


Finally we came back to this place a second time in a week for an unplanned lunch in town. The Champeaux restaurant has opened its doors for less than 2 weeks from now. A young lady at the reception was on the phone and automatically replied to my announce “I’ve booked a table…” by a coded message “We are fully booked for lunch from 12 to 14PM today”. I got my biggest smile and repeated slowly to her that “I-have-a-table-already-booked for…, please-check-my-name” At this moment I had a flash back of a hilarious Sloth scene from the cartoon movie “Zootopia”! Finally she found my name and invited us to a cosy waiting area because the restaurant service will start only in 15 minutes. From this corner, I had another view point to observe design of the restaurant and a few shots later.
Thanks to the Internet, I got my table reservation on the way, just half an hour before arriving. Thanks to a good waiter who recognised me from my first visit on Monday. And thanks to another waiter who accepted my request to change my designated table next to the restaurant’s entrance to a huge booth for six people at the wing side! The receptionist refused my request with the same reason at the beginning even when I explained that their booking system does not allow guest to select table. She told me that we should call them directly to ask for table.
Finally the booth area is perfect for a private or family lunch. There are 3 booths at the wing side. The food are well served and the most important thing is that they are all delicious for this kind of “Brasserie”. We should recommend these plates: “Cuisse de canard en Parmentier”, “Tranche de boudin noir rissolée,salade de pomme gala” and “Tartare de bœuf au couteau bien assaisonné” even my glass of red wine only arrived at the end of my dish!
If you want to have a desert, you could order some traditional cakes but they are not exceptional good as we imagined in an Alain Ducasse restaurant. The fun “Paris-Les Halles” cake is a camouflaged “Paris-Brest” and it’s so disappointing!
Overall, I like this place because of it design as a waiting cafe in a train station and surely because of the foods. Champeaux Les Halles is a good place for lunch, not a tranquil place to enjoy an expresso. It’s too busy as the Les Halles hub.
And the last point: you should come to the restaurant before noon to hear a typical noise of flipping text plates when they update their wall menus. Because they use exactly the same Departure/Arrival display of Paris Nord train station…

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