Time Travel


A Man & the Mountain (or The End of Travel)

How could he travel back to the time after reaching the hill top of his life? While he can easily recall most of his gloried moments, not without some painful ones, how would he know about the journey beyond the mountain? Such is Life! The end of travel opens another start. In many years to come he might remember this peaceful afternoon. A silhouette stays serenely open to the great nature. The notion of  time suddenly becomes meaningless. Life is to know how to travel with worthy memories.

A Boy & the Sea ( or Blue Dream)

From here start all odysseys. It looks like a blue dream. I surprisingly see the beginning of my journey rooted from moments far away behind. I’ve crossed many oceans to find myself back in the time. We were both child once and imaginary traveler without boundary.

A Moment of Life

Do you feel the time passing from the past to the future at this unique moment of life? Do you hear the falling leaves on the steps leaving? All the words have gone with the autumn wind.

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