Photography in its purest form cannot fully transfer the beauty and the tragedy of the world. The technically defined photograph is just a medium for creation, like oil in painting, ink in calligraphy, stone in sculpture…or any writing instruments in literature. My self-taught knowledge in photography opens a lot of possibilities to recreate my vision by using the most universal language in the world.

Taking picture is another way to write. One said: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. My photo is often composed through the writing that I drafted a day before. Reversely I could write some pages immediately  after capturing a wonderful moment. By this way I form an image from many “pixels – words” and write literally with “phrases – pictures”. While literature can be limited by linguistic understanding, Visual Writing Art* does not require any knowledge to be appreciated.  No matter how the form is, only powerful and meaningful content counts.

Since then creative photography naturally became a part of design skill in my working as an Imagineer.

* Personal definition for my artworks