I – the Maestro of theme park design – have been working for the Little Mouse for almost 20 years between Paris and Los Angeles. They call me an IMAGINEER. Well, this might be a big point but it’s not really a starting point of all my creations. The themed entertainment industry helps greatly to develop my creative abilities and open the boudaries between different arts. But deeply inside of myself I’ve always been a dreamer, a thinker, a creator, a visioner … without any “canon de beauté”, style or movement. Thus, I’ve been a poet, a writer, an architect, a designer, a sculptor, a martial artist, a photographer, a song writer, a painter… or I’m just ME!

I firstly started my personal web site as a show case of my Visual Writing Art using techniques of photography. Then I quickly realized the limits of this medium to full fill my vision.

Sho painting is rooted from modern Japanese Shodo and from a crossing of (at least) four different cultures I’ve cultivated in my life.

Sho-e is the way I share with you my understanding of the Cosmos, my feeling of the Nature, my emotions faced to the beauties of human culture…

I – a humble wizard – hope to make you entertained by my arts.

With you, I wish to make the world a better place to live together.

Paris, June 12, 2017