iMoments – Bird Cage

Captured by iPhone 5 & Painting by Stackables

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A shadow of morning

Captured by iPhone 6

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In Carrousel du Louvre yesterday

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Reading the Chicken Legs

How do we read on the Chicken Legs news of the world today?

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Walking across the Long Bien Bridge

When they called it one of the longest bridges of the world and the most remarkable work ever done in Far East, this bridge was named after the Governor-General of French Indochina: Le Pont Doumer. It was on February 2, 1902. And exactly 65 years later, when its center span felled for the first time by an air strike, the bridge already bears the name Long Bien.

The old and damaged bridge takes an important part in history of Ha Noi but nobody really knows about its future. And even less people be aware about the presence of Ms Hoang thi The – a daughter of De Tham, the leader of Yen The Insurrection, at the moment the 14th President of France assassinated on May 6, 1932 in Paris.

I have been working with Eiffage company for a while and never noticed that this “Société” is in fact the latest brand after 3 decades of transformation of Daydé & Pillé House – owner of design and construction of the Long Bien Bridge!

On August 10, 2015 I learnt that the Long Bien Market will be relocated to another place. My wish is to replace it by a public green park to relax the heavily suffocated city of Ha Noi. And what to do for the famous bridge? I think we don’t need to restore it to the initial state because all the impacts made by events during the last century are now belonged to its own history. So the half remaining of the original French bridge should be repaired and maintained as it is with all the historical traces. The new parties of the bridges (completely destroyed and remade) could be enhanced by current technical methods. But first of all, we must ensure the safety for all daily users of the bridge. As a living bridge, Long Bien can stay for centuries. We just need to provide detailed historical facts by multilingual texts, photos, vidéos, applications and even reality game as Long Bien…Go! The city of Ha Noi could create public celebration with reconstitution of historical events.

It’s just another dream, 115 years after…

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Unsuspected Beauty

A true winter has come to Paris and it reveals a beauty in unsuspected places of my garden

Follow this link to see more picture:

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Matcha Chawan




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Premium Matcha & Chasen


Horai no Mukashi Matcha with Chashaku


A Chasen

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Le Bouquiniste


“Quai Malaquais” on the left bank of the Seine river once described by Kirsty Lang of BBC Radio 4 as “the only river in the world that runs between two bookshelves”. In our day the name Malaquais is attached to “Ecole des Beaux-Arts” (Fine Arts School) and the “Bouquiniste” – Used and antiquarian book seller becomes one of famous symbols of Paris. But mostly nothing left behind from the time of Queen Margot and  her “Hôtel de la reine Marguerite”. Who remembers the ballerinas of this past time?


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Cintrer la Demi Saison


Just another wandering in Paris after a lunch in Café de Flore a sun shining day of October. It offen takes me no less than half an hour to reach the famous “Ecole des Beaux-Arts” from “Paroisse Saint-Germain-des-Prés” for a distance of about 270m after Google Map, even I have no intention to buy any ancien book or manuscript of those well known people.They are all important to history of France and the street bears name of one of them: Rue Bonaparte!

I keep my hobby of visiting old and new boutiques in this narrow street to enjoy art books, painting collection or jewellery creation… An exhibition of Araki’s “Diary – Sentimental Journey” keeps me for a while in La Hune Library between 18 black and white contact sheets – the making of his famous photography shi-shōsetsu master piece. This Sunday afternoon, I just pass by the oldest boutique of La Durée without tasting their delicious macarons but I stay for long minutes among the Russian colourful toys to watch carefully some model figures…

The pavement a long Rue Bonaparte is so small. It makes you a strange feeling of walking between running cars and high walls. I only notice the yellow leaves at the moment of naming the photograph: To cinch the half season


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