Unsuspected Beauty

A true winter has come to Paris and it reveals a beauty in unsuspected places of my garden

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Matcha Chawan




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Premium Matcha & Chasen


Horai no Mukashi Matcha with Chashaku


A Chasen

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Le Bouquiniste


“Quai Malaquais” on the left bank of the Seine river once described by Kirsty Lang of BBC Radio 4 as “the only river in the world that runs between two bookshelves”. In our day the name Malaquais is attached to “Ecole des Beaux-Arts” (Fine Arts School) and the “Bouquiniste” – Used and antiquarian book seller becomes one of famous symbols of Paris. But mostly nothing left behind from the time of Queen Margot and  her “Hôtel de la reine Marguerite”. Who remembers the ballerinas of this past time?

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Cintrer la Demi Saison


Just another wandering in Paris after a lunch in Café de Flore a sun shining day of October. It offen takes me no less than half an hour to reach the famous “Ecole des Beaux-Arts” from “Paroisse Saint-Germain-des-Prés” for a distance of about 270m after Google Map, even I have no intention to buy any ancien book or manuscript of those well known people.They are all important to history of France and the street bears name of one of them: Rue Bonaparte!

I keep my hobby of visiting old and new boutiques in this narrow street to enjoy art books, painting collection or jewellery creation… An exhibition of Araki’s “Diary – Sentimental Journey” keeps me for a while in La Hune Library between 18 black and white contact sheets – the making of his famous photography shi-shōsetsu master piece. This Sunday afternoon, I just pass by the oldest boutique of La Durée without tasting their delicious macarons but I stay for long minutes among the Russian colourful toys to watch carefully some model figures…

The pavement a long Rue Bonaparte is so small. It makes you a strange feeling of walking between running cars and high walls. I only notice the yellow leaves at the moment of naming the photograph: To cinch the half season

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With Nikon School at Carrousel du Louvre


See the Album of “Carrousel du Louvre here

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Taste of Green Rice


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Sunset in Oia


Few minutes earlier, she asked me why I prefer Santorini Island instead of Mykonos where music and endless parties everyday. These two islands are completely different. It is impossible to compare. I love the natural beauty and peaceful places in Oia early in the morning or late in the night. Local people is so friendly…And she asked me another question “Are we beautiful?” I gently finished the course of half pressed button on my camera…

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Granada in Spring


Who still remembers this magical light of an afternoon in the Alhambra Castle. Who still breaths a fresh air running up and down on a stepped hill. Who still waits the sunset fading out behind the legend rampart walls. Who still feels the emotional intensity of the Flamenco Gitana. And the soul of a dancer on his arms…

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Alhambra’s interior garden


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