With Nikon School at Carrousel du Louvre


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Taste of Green Rice


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Sunset in Oia


Few minutes earlier, she asked me why I prefer Santorini Island instead of Mykonos where music and endless parties everyday. These two islands are completely different. It is impossible to compare. I love the natural beauty and peaceful places in Oia early in the morning or late in the night. Local people is so friendly…And she asked me another question “Are we beautiful?” I gently finished the course of half pressed button on my camera…

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Granada in Spring


Who still remembers this magical light of an afternoon in the Alhambra Castle. Who still breaths a fresh air running up and down on a stepped hill. Who still waits the sunset fading out behind the legend rampart walls. Who still feels the emotional intensity of the Flamenco Gitana. And the soul of a dancer on his arms…

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Alhambra’s interior garden


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A morning of Spring


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Paris in Spring


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The Neighbours – Les voisins

vietdung.eu-Paris-Les Voisins

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At the entrance



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Our Duty of Memory

May, 8 2015: They Liberated Serris

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