A Haiku for Hockney’s “Bigger Splash”

Have you ever thought that the painter David Hockney was in love with Haiku poem? The answer might be Yes! From my view point, his famous paintings “Bigger Splash” is just an illustration to a best-remembered haiku of Basho (古池や蛙飛びこむ水の音 furu ike ya / kawazu tobikomu / mizu no oto – an ancient pond / a frog jumps in / the splash of water [1686]) with modern elements of L.A! And I actually have a variable for the last line: “Sound of Bigger Splash”. Have fun.

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Senchado: Shincha


Shincha – New tea – is the month’s first havest of sencha. In Uji in Kyoto, Shincha is harvested starting at the beginning of May.

You can see in my painting a tea jar using to bestow tea leaves harvested in Uji

Sho-e description: Sumi on Washi of 25×35 cm

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Haiku: Sencha of May

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Senchado: Sencha


Senchado is rooted from the Heian world of China. It was brought to Japan by Ingen Ryūki (隱元隆琦) founder of the Ōbaku sect.

Lu Yu (陸羽) – Sage of Tea in China, wrote “Tea tempers the spirit, calms and harmonizes the mind, it arouses thoughts and prevents drowsiness, lightens and refreshens the body and cleans the perceptive faculties.”

You can see in my sho-e a Kyusu Teapot on a Nilu charcoal heater with a handcrafted teacup

Sho-e description: Sumi on Washi of 25×35 cm, 2017


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Chanoyu: Matcha

“Have a seat, drink tea” is a famous Zengo for Chanoyu – where four principles of a tea gathering are harmony (wa), respect (kei), purity (sei),and tranquility (jaku).

Enjoy the moment of Tea gathering is a part of the concept of ichi-go ichi-e meaning literally “One time, one meeting” or each meeting at a moment is unique and will not happen again.

You can find in my sho-e of Matcha some principal utensils for a Matcha ceremony: Chasen (Tea whisk), Chawan (Tea bowl), Natsume (Tea caddy), Hishaku (Water ladle) and Kama (Tea Kettle)

Sho Painting description: Sumi (black ink) on Washi (rice paper) of 25×35 cm, 2017

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Sho-e: my invention of a new and unique style of painting

Hello, World,

I’m so pleased to share with you my invention of a new and unique style of painting: SHO-E.

You could actually call it “SHOE” but I really mean “SHO PAINTING” and it was born in a day somewhere in February, 2017, near to city of Paris.

SHO-E takes form on rice paper by flows of black ink in a state of mindless.

SHO-E is a result of blended body and soul streaming through a mindfully connected fude.


Now take your shoes and come inside my art: SHO PAINTING

Or follow me at https://www.instagram.com/vietdung.eu/


Paris, March 24th 2017

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iMoments – Bird Cage

Captured by iPhone 5 & Painting by Stackables

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A shadow of morning

Captured by iPhone 6

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In Carrousel du Louvre yesterday

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Reading the Chicken Legs

How do we read on the Chicken Legs news of the world today?

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